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CVS 12/6

Posted by Annie S. on December 4, 2009 at 8:46 AM Comments comments (0)

There are some good deals next week at CVS, so I thought I would share!

These are just copy and pasted from HCW, for the most part.  ;)

Free after ECB!

Emergen-C Immune Booster 2pk $3.99 with $3.99 ECB Limit 1 FREE

Merry Brite Santa Hat $3.99 with $3.99 ECB FREE Limit 2

Merry Brite Mini Ornaments 12ct $1.99 with $1.99 ECB FREE Limit 2

Zantac 150 24ct or 75 30ct $8.99 get $8.99 ECB Limit 1 FREE

Zantac 150 24ct or 75 30 ct, MM, $2 (ekoury)

Total: $2 MM

Sale: $8.99

MQ: $2 peelie found on boxes of Zantac or $2.00 printable or $1.00 insert

ECB Earned: 8.99

Math: $8.99 - $2 mq peelie = $6.99, get 8.99 ECB

Sudafed PE or OM Nasal Spray $6.99 get $3 ECB Limit 1

Total: $1.99

Sale: $6.99

MQ: $2 IP Sudafed PE

ECB Earned: $3 ECB

Math:$6.99 - $2- $3 = $1.99

Bayer Contour $14.99 get $5 ECB Limit 1


Sale: $14.99

MQ: $30/1

ECB Earned: $5 ECB

Math$13.99- $13.99 = $0 = $5 MM

Get $10 ECB wyb Ky Intense or Your+Mine psa $19.99 Limit 1

Total: $4.99

Sale: $19.99

MQ: $5/1

ECB Earned: $10 ECB

Math: $19.99 -$5- $10 = $4.99

Spend $20 Boost 6pks get $10 ECB psa 7.99 Limit 1

Total: .03 MM

Sale: $7.99 ea

MQ: $3/1 found in dr's office

ECB Earned: $10 ECB

Math $7.99 x3 = $23.97 - $5/$20 - $9 MQ - $10 ecb = .03 MM

Our Christmas List...

Posted by Annie S. on November 7, 2009 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (1)

*Christmas* Christmas*Christmas*Christmas*Christmas*

So, it is the time of year that I working on pulling my kids Christmas lists together!  They are really good kids, who don't ask for a lot...and don't care if it used either!  (Gotta love thrifty kids. ;) )   This year my husband is laid off, so it has been a new challenge to piece it all together.  BUT, you can imagine that it is a fun one!

Here is my list:

Karate Gi (uniform) in a size 5

American Girl books

Didj games for girl

Star Wars Darth Vador Laptop with lightsaber wand

Star War 12 inch action heros


Star Wars lightsaber plug and play game or clone tropper shooting game

Leapster Charger

Leapster Games: Batman, Spiderman, or Star wars

Chrissa American Girl Movie

Craft Sets for Girls

Can you tell what my kids are into???  lol. 

If you have any of these items, and they are just are taking up space at your house...I would happily buy them from you.  Just let me know what you need. 

Also...if you have a similar list...  feel free to post it here!  We have 50-75 readers daily...maybe someone will have your Christmas wish!!!

Super Savvy Tip!!!!

Posted by thesavvysteward on September 3, 2009 at 3:22 PM Comments comments (1)

I thought I would impart some Super Savvy info on you.

Do you think that your hubby or children would mind getting EXACTLY what they wanted for Christmas, only not brand new in the box?  My kids do not care that their gifts are not brand new in the packages, neither does my hubby for that matter.  They understand that sometimes, they might not get the item of their dream...if they have to buy it brand new.

SO...tip of the day:  Consider purchasing your Christmas gifts on Craigslist or Ebay!

Here is why I say to do so:

My little Abbie has been wanting a specific American Girl for well over a year now. (Kirsten in case you care. lol)  She knows that Mommy and Daddy can not afford to buy it.   I have been keeping my eyes out on Craigslist and Ebay for this little doll.  Hoping that I could find one for the small amount of money that I had set aside.  GUESS WHAT???  Last week, I found 4 American Girl Dolls, 10 outfits, and a Large Scene Book (like 3 foot tall) all for.......  $60!  That is her entire Christmas!  Do you think that my little girl is going to be like, "Mom, this is not in it's box!"  She is going to be so so so thrilled for what she got!  You might be suprised that your family will be the same way. 

I also got a GREAT Dell laptop for $150 and FAST desktop for $50.   Good deals CAN be found.

Think about what your kids might want for Christmas...and start looking for them second hand now!

With that said:  I am looking for GI Joes for my little boy.  Got some, let me know!  :)

Oh---And just thought I would add God's goodness in of the 4 dolls was Kirsten.  Isn't He good?

Free Train Coloring Book

Posted by thesavvysteward on August 4, 2009 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Click on THIS LINK for a Free train coloring book!  Save it for Christmas or Bday...or you could put your child's name down, and they could have the joy of getting mail!

Free Fisher Price DVD

Posted by thesavvysteward on July 27, 2009 at 10:53 PM Comments comments (0)

Fisherprice is introducing a new line  "Precious Places" princess collection.  To help promote it, they are giving away a free dvd!  It is cute, and would make a great stocking stuffer or such!


Precious Places DVD

Meijer Backpack Deal Back!

Posted by thesavvysteward on July 15, 2009 at 3:19 PM Comments comments (0)

Every year, Meijer runs a backpack deal.  It is always the same, which is great for this simple mind of mine!  The deal should run all the way through August.  Yippeee


Buy $10 worth of Kelloggs, Keebler, Eggo, or Sunshine products...get $10 off any backpack! 


This week, I purchased 6 boxes of Kelloggs cereal for 10.80 minus the 6.00 in coupons = 4.80

Got a backpack free!

Also, there were reward vouchers for a free dvd! 


So, what do I do with all the backpacks I get from this deal?  I save them for birthday party presents, christmas presents, donations to schools, a fun gift for some special kid, or if all else...I could sell them on Ebay!  I would already be stockpiling the cereal at the .80 price anyway!  And, save on renting a movie by getting your free dvd as well. :)  Good deal all around.

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