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Super Coupon Coming!!!

Posted by thesavvysteward on September 14, 2009 at 6:37 PM

I received this letter via email today...

Dear Anne,

The folks at Luvs Diapers got ahold of us last week to let us know that they are going to have a link on their site starting at 12amEST on Tuesday, 9/15 to sign up for a free $5 off coupon for Luvsdiapers.  They think it's going to go fast, so I didn't want to takethe chance that if I posted this in the Tuesday Saver that you'd stillget a coupon since they'll likely be gone by then.

The couponwill be fulfilled to those who sign up via postal mail.  A high-valuediaper coupon is going to be hot. It's part of Luvs campaign about"Taking a Stand" and in the case with the coupon, it's taking a standagainst high prices at the store.

So if you use diapers, knowsomeone who does, or just need a really great coupon to swap, get in on this tomorrow and get signed up fast at


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MM - Money Maker

RR - Register Rewards -Walgreens

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B1G1- Buy one Get one

BTFE - Box Tops For Education
CRT - Cash Register Receipt

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