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Creative Classes

We love traveling around to groups and presenting what we call

"The Coupon Gospel"!  Gospel simply means: Good News. 

And isn't the information that will save you thousands, Good News? 


Any one can host a class! 

You can have a class at your local church, community center, or even your home.  And rest assured that everyone who attends a Savvy Steward class, will save more than their class fee...after their first week of shopping!   



Below are the types of classes that The Savvy Steward offers:



The Ultimate Coupon Class

If you would like to learn all of the great new skills from Couponing 101, Internet Basics, Stockpiling, and Playing the Drugstore Games, then this class is for you!  You will need to allow 2.5 - 4 hours for this class.  Makes a great Saturday morning workshop!  


Learn How To:

 -  Get started or renew your passion with couponing in our Coupon 101 session.

 -  Navigate some great money savings web sites and find printable coupons.

 -  Build a stockpile, what to stockpile, and interesting ways to store it all!

 -  Start playing "The Drugstore Games"! 



Couponing 101 Class

This class is designed to get your engines revved up!  This class is necessary for all newbie couponers/grocery savers.  You should allow about 1.5 hours for this class


Learn How To:

 -  Read Sales Ads

 -  Find Great Coupons

 -  Match coupons with sales for 50-70% savings!

 -  How to find local store policies.



Playing the Drugstore Games Class

During this 1.5 hour class, you will learn all the little details about your local drugstores.  I encourage everyone to save this class to the end of their learning.  Drugstores have a system all to their own!  By coming to the class, you will discover the secrets to never paying for toothpaste, shampoo, makeup, medicines, and many other common drugstore items!




The Savvy Secrets Class

This will be an enlightening time to a world of creative savings and money making skills!  The focus will not be on coupons, although I am sure that they will be mentioned, but it will be on finding the best deal on EVERYTHING in your life!  You should allow 1.5 hours for this class.

Learn How To:

 -  Make money by telling about your shopping experiences.

 -  Get the best deals on your travel expenses.

 -  Get paid to eat out!

 -  Negotiate with Banks, Cable companies, and many other companies for the lowest rates!

 -  Make  money as you search the Internet.

 -  Even save money at the gas pump!


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