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 Dear Annie,  

       I want to tell you how I have seen your ideas and teachings of couponing spread!  I first heard of your classes in Monticello from my hairdresser.  Each time I went in to get my hair cut she would tell me more.  Soon I saw an ad in the Lafayette paper which said  another class was being offered.  A friend and I went and were so excited with all we learned.  2 months later the internet class was offered in Lafayette and we went there, still learning more.  I kept telling people about it--for instance, that I had purchased $107 dollars worth of goods at Walgreens for $6.88.  They wanted to know more.  So I decided to be a host and give more people in Monticello a chance to hear the good news.  Being a host was not hard; it was fun.  I found, though, that publicity was a big key.  I made some fliers and gave more than one to each person I talked to so they could give some away.  I gave some to my hairdresser to pass out.  I sent an email out where I work and had 15 signups in one half hour.  I went into the newspaper office and asked if they would run a news article that I had written, giving the church number to call and your website.  I announced in church and put articles in the newsletter and bulletin.  I was hoping to get 30  people to be worth Annie's trip up.  What was the result?  75 people came in all, blowing my mind.  I tried to make it comfortable for those coming. I put signs giving clear directions to rest rooms, etc. so people could leave during the class if they needed to and not need to ask directions.   We put out drinks and snacks.  We provided tables and chairs so people could write their notes easily. And--I hope in a couple of months we can schedule another class.  I have heard so many good comments since this one.  Thank you  so much Annie.  You definitely have a gift of spreading good news. 

Shirley Z in Monticello


Hi Annie,

I just want to tell you what a blessing your class was for our family. My husband has been on and off work since April. We are not in dire straits, but it is such a great feeling to be able to help our financial situation in this way. I am saving 40% to 70% off my grocery bill every shopping trip! I am actually disappointed if I don't save at least 60%. Ha Ha! That makes me laugh! Who would have thought I would EVER be disappointed at getting $100.00 worth of food for $50.00? LOL! We have more food in my house than we have ever had. I also have several items that I am preparing to donate to our local food pantry, and I was able to donate many school items for a backpack project that our church does every August. I paid  nothing or very little for these items. I absolutely love the CVS game :-). I am now to the point that I will be able to "cherry pick" the great grocery deals. I think from here onward I will continue improve my savings as I now have such a great stockpile. It took me this long to build that stockpile, but I now understand how you feed your family so well on such a small budget. I have been sharing this knowledge with anyone that is interested and maybe some that aren't- lol!!  I just get so excited about it! I never thought I could do this, but thanks to your class I am. I don't know how to express my excitement and gratitude ;). You have truly blessed so many and I thank you.

Sincerely, Kelly H.


I found your couponing class very enlightening. I had tried in the past to cut coupons but I always felt that it really wasn't worth my time. I always figured that i could buy products from Aldi cheaper then I could buy a brand name at the store. Boy was I surprised. And the concept of "buying more then one Sunday paper" it was ridiculous to me. I couldn't see wasting all of that money on extra papers. Now, while I am getting ready for church, I look at the coupon inserts to see if it is worth my time, and money, to buy extra papers. About a month ago there were coupons for $1.00 off Tyson fresh chicken. I bought ten Sunday papers. A few weeks later Payless had Tyson fresh Chicken breast on sale for $0.97 a pound. I was able to buy Ten 2 + lb packages of chicken for under $2.00 each.
With coupons I have bought Grands biscuits and crescent rolls for $0.49 cents each and Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls for $0.59 each. I am able to buy "Brand name cereal for under a dollar. I can not buy Aldi brands for under a dollar. I use to dread grocery shopping, but now I am now excited about grocery shopping.  I would like to thank you for taking the time to teach the couponing class to us.
God Bless,
Launa T.



  I saw Annie’s story on WLFI and I had to find out if she was the real deal or if this was too good to be true…I can honestly say that after taking Annie’s coupon class and simply following some of her suggestions I have saved HUNDREDS of dollars already!  I have used coupons for years but never really made a dent in what I saved (now I know I was going about it the WRONG way), Annie’s method of organizing was the FIRST light-bulb idea for me; that alone has set me up for money saving success!  Saving $15,000 in a year is a goal to shoot for but I know that even if I can save my family $5000 this year it will be a huge blessing!  Annie has such a sweet genuine spirit and she truly wants to use her couponing skills to serve and bless others—that is a rare find!  So grateful for your generous spirit!

 Jen W.



I really enjoyed your class tonight at Faith!  Learned so much and I'm so grateful!  I thought, Meijer should be paying you a commission!  I'm not a Meijer shopper, but I will be now---wonder how many other people you've converted!  Thanks again!


Annie's class was the most profitable 3hrs and $10 I have ever spent! We took her class along side The Financial Peace University classes.  Because of her class, we have been able to cut our grocery budget over 50% and have added an extra $300 a month towards our debt snowball!  Thank you Annie for all of your hard work helping us be good stewards of God's money. ---Traci K